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Underwear Survey Says?

We reached out to our customers with an underwear survey over the past few months to get some valuable feedback on our store, the men's underwear market, and e-commerce internet shopping trends through our underwear survey. EROGENOS.COM has been an online retailer of underwear brands for over 16 years and we've worked with hundreds of international underwear brands over that time. It's been an amazing array of colors, styles, prints, fabrics, designs, and collections created by all sorts of companies from all over the world. We all use underwear on some level and surveys give us a little insight into what' important in the minds of our shoppers. Here are some of our results from our underwear survey.

What is your favorite style of underwear?

We had right at 50% of our underwear survey respondents select underwear briefs as the preferred or favorite style. I think we all appreciate or have at least one wonderfully worn pair of those classic fitting briefs that contour so perfectly that you just feel an extra degree of comfort all day long. Underwear Survey - What is your favorite style of underwear?

What categories would you like us at to expand or include on our store?

Our underwear survey had the most interest in C-rings and Sex-Toys. We have offered sex toys at various points in our history and they have generally been strong sellers. We know it's not always convenient or accessible for a lot of customers to get sex toys so we can assume by all the interest that there's still a need in the market for comfortable, trustworthy, online shopping options for the many available sex toys in the market. Also c-rings have always had a steady shopping customer base over the years. Whether it be underwear items with built in c-ring enhancer designs or actual sex toy c-rings, men are often looking for a new toy or a replacement for an old one.

What encourages you to try new underwear?

People apparently like variety and the market has responded accordingly over the years, according to our underwear survey. The number of underwear brands has grown significantly and steadily over the past 5-15 years. Underwear companies internally have also reflected this shift by creating more and more collections every year that seem to push a little bit more every season in terms of styles, varieties, and options. We also are all concerned about our look. Almost 80% of our respondents recognize that looking good in underwear or finding good looking underwear is important. Underwear Survey - What encourages you to try new underwear?

How often do you like to receive newsletters from your favorite shops?

Here we had a clear winner as well. Once a week is the preferred rate, according to our underwear survey. In this day and age of constant emails and social media, that's probably about right in terms of what all companies should try to maintain. Unfortunately it seems without the constant social media communications, many companies find themselves searching for attention, relevancy, and ultimately sales in those in between promotion times. So like a predictable cycle, it seems most companies opt for the information overload route and assume more news is better than less news. Underwear Survey - How often would you like to receive newsletters?

What do you look for in underwear?

Many factors are important to us in terms of our clothing and specifically in this case our underwear. As a type of clothing, underwear above everything else is most valued for fit and comfort. Underwear is your base layer so you don't want to build on top of discomfort. Respondents are also very price or value driven. The market today has many more sellers, options, and other products competing for our dollars. Price will always be important as we want to feel good value in the things we purchase. Brand is not foremost in our thoughts but it's still an important factor as we associate quality, style, and value very closely with the brands we support. Underwear Survey - What do you look for in underwear? Finally, we had much feedback provided in the way of comments and suggestions. We have noted a few below as bullet points.
  • More 4for25 offers and weekly sales updates
  • Faster site speed and better/lower pricing
  • More brands offered
  • Better size stocking on most popular brands like Rufskin, Pump, Clever, and Unico
  • Include Foreign Currency Conversions on Product and Checkout
  • Offer XS Sizes
  • Offer More Bikini-Brief Styles
  • Offer Price Alerts on Wishlist item markdowns
Thanks again to all who have responded!

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One thought on “Underwear Survey Says?”

  1. avatar Gary Payne says:

    I would love to see the Brand PUMP! come back. It my all time favorite— for its style, fit and comfort.

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