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PetitQ - Brand Spotlight

PetitQ is becoming one of the trend setters for men's underwear when it comes to skimpy and sexy. This is a French brand designed by Arthus Nico. Who knows sexy more than the french? PetitQ is one of the most unique, fun, and edgy brands as you can tell by their Smallest Men Underwear in the World Makeover video:


Petit Q Makeover UNcensored: The Smallest Men Underwear in the World from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

Men's underwear is not simply functional as in the past, now there many different styles and looks to choose from to spice up your wardrobe, while being comfortable at the same time. Here are a couple of the unique styles by PetitQ featured at Erogenos:

Male lingerie is being sought by men all over the world and is popular amongst gay and heterosexual men. PetitQ also has lacy floral bikinis, thongs, and trunk style underwear for those extra special occasions. See what customers are saying about Petit Q Customer Reviews: Sexy fun underwear that makes you fill a little naughty. Love so comfortable and sexy! Fits great, shows bulge of nicely too. I like them a lot they are fun and different. They are the size the say they are, haha.

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