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Clever Underwear - Brand Spotlight

Clever Underwear is a Colombian based men's designer underwear with a Latin Twist.

South American men like underwear that has the style, sexiness and flair that rest of their clothes do. This is why Columbia and other South American counties are home to some of the sexiest and most stylish underwear brands for men, like Clever Underwear. Clever Moda and Pikante is the name of the brand. Pikante is a sister brand of underwear that offers styles that are more 'adventurous' than Clever Underwear. Clever Moda offer a wide range of boxers, briefs, tanga briefs and thongs, with fabrics ranging from soft and stretchy mesh to boldly printed cotton. Clever Underwear is constantly researching fashion and trends to deliver underwear collections that meet the high standards of consumers. They produce stylish underwear and swimwear for the fashion conscious modern man. Erogenos currently offers both underwear and Clever swimwear. Briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks, jockstraps and thongs are available. Clever swimwear is available in swim briefs and swimming trunks. If you are looking freshen up your wardrobe with some new underwear, this is a great brand to start with. The styles are fairly traditional when it comes to fitting. However, they look much better than the normal stuff you may be wearing. Clever offers some styles in sheer and mesh. Most styles are primarily made of nylon or polyester. Their swimwear is primarily polyester while some are polyamide. Polyamide is the same as nylon. Clever Underwear and Swimwear has solid and busy prints. The recent collections have had floral, tropical, stripes, and solid prints. There are also some see-through options available as well. The frabric is made from super stretchy microfiber, providing a perfect fit and last comfort. Wear Clever Underwear to feel great and make a statement. Here are some photos from their recent collections. clever_underwear clever_underwear-6 clever_underwear-5 clever_underwear-4 clever_underwear-3 clever_underwear-2 Clever Underwear for Men

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