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5 Things to Enjoy Thanksgiving

5 Things to Enjoy Thanksgiving | Erogenos The roots of Thanksgiving go way deeper than we see it and it is always a pleasure to celebrate the holiday with our loved ones around us. What, according to you is the best part of Thanksgiving? Food? Togetherness? Or something else? The majority of you might have said food for sure. However, there are so many other aspects of the day that’ll make you fall in love with the thought of celebrating it again and again.

What are those? Let us look at the things that you must enjoy this coming Thanksgiving Day.

1.Family time: There’s nothing better than having a special family time wherein all your relatives join you for supper. The supper is just a medium but the actual enjoyment is when you talk with each and play activities with them. With all the hustle-bustle of the festive season, you hardly get time to sit down and talk with your family. Hence, this is the time that brightens up your holiday.

2.No dieting: This is one time of the year when nobody would say, “watch your diet and you’d be able to gorge on the most sumptuous and tasty delicacies made especially for the occasion. Food is surely one of the most important aspects of Thanksgiving that is adored by both young and old. Do you love Glazed Stuffed Turkey or the Pumpkin Pie?

3. Festive spirit: Starting from the Halloween, by Thanksgiving, you’re pepped up for the winter months and you’re all set for the festivities that follow Thanksgiving. From here, your festivity will come to an end on Christmas or probably on New Year. With winters almost there, you get to enjoy making snowmen outside your homes and have hot soups and much more. There are a lot more changes that happen when you shift from the hot months to the cold ones and what exactly calls you to gear up.

4.Gifts exchange: This is the best part for the little ones as well as the oldies. Who doesn’t like getting gifts after all? Last year my wife gave me a pair of men’s thong underwear made out of lace that I still cherish and wear every time we have plans. I hope I get something in men’s underwear that’s even skimpier this year. I gave my son a Play Station and there were so many gifts. Thinking of the options for this year now. You too should start buying.

5.Shopping spree: With Black Friday just the next day of Thanksgiving, the shopaholics take out their long list of items that they’ve been wanting the entire year. This is the right time to shop their favorites from online stores. Thanksgiving surely brings a lot of joy with it and these additions will add sparkle to your joy.

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