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New launches: Agacio Racer Boxer Trunk For Men

Do you feel enchanted by seeing a man wearing sexy mens boxers? Just like this model is seen confident, you can feel the same by wearing this new pair of...

mens boxer trunk

Do you feel enchanted by seeing a man wearing sexy mens boxers? Just like this model is seen confident, you can feel the same by wearing this new pair of Agacio underwear. The dual color combination used in this men's underwear is way more exotic than any other normal underwear. Agacio has come up with a new variant that takes care of your assets while enhancing your fashion trend. No one thought that men's boxers will be setting the fashion trend but Agacio has made it possible.

Set up in 2012, Agacio assumed control over the design business of men's underwear soon. There was a colossal number of clients needing more variations from the brand Agacio. As trust is the central point, Agacio didn't fall back to keep up the trust of its purchasers and kept presenting new variations. Today is this time that Agacio is one of the main men's underwear brands in the industry. The experience of shopping mens underwear from the best brand like Agacio is basic and fun since you can pick your ideal pair when you visit. You can pick the best variation and prepare to look amazing. Agacio covers men's underwear styles that arrange the various characters and their tendencies.

Once you search for a fascinating pair of underwear for men but don't want to compromise with the coverage then here are the new, fashionable, and sexy men's boxers which can do wonders for your personality without providing much exposure. The coverage that this male boxer gives doesn't enhance the temperature of your assets. The smooth fabric maintains the airflow and helps you to stay protected from infections.

mens boxer trunk

Looking at the back of this men's underwear you'll feel loved by the coverage it provides. A lot of fabric is there to support your manhood in the front and your buttocks at the back. The sexy waistband keeps the construction and your assets close to your body. You just have to choose the perfect size and this Agacio underwear will be there at your service. The different colored texture makes the style more fascinating and the true benefits will be known to you once you slip in this pair.


There are three color options available in this men's underwear style. You can choose according to your preferences.

  • Grey/Navy
  • Navy/White
  • White/Black

mens boxer trunk

Main features of this men's boxers are listed below:

  • Coverage extending to the high-thigh
  • Different color fabric
  • Best opted when you need support
  • Comfortable and soft fabric
  • Supportive pouch
  • Made with polyamide and spandex

Want to check it out? You can check out and buy the men’s boxer underwear here - Agacio AGG043 Racer Boxer Trunk

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