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Underneath fashion statement: Age is just a number

“Age ain't nothing, but a number would be a wrong statement when it comes to fashion. Your clothes and fashion quotient should compliment your personality. The other day one of...

“Age ain't nothing, but a number would be a wrong statement when it comes to fashion. Your clothes and fashion quotient should compliment your personality. The other day one of my friends said that age is just a number is an absolutely irrelevant quote unless you are a wine. It was hilarious and some of you may agree with it, but I think that it’s a matter of mind over matter. It won’t matter unless you mind it. It's a known fact that one should dress according to the age. However, there is one aspect in which you can push the limits of your imagination and feel young yet again. And that is your underneath fashion. Wonder how? Well, here are some real good reasons that will intrigue you for decking out your underthings with something more contemporary. Check them out.

Age is just a number

#1 Who cares what you are wearing there?

Your dressing projects your entire personality. You just can’t attend an important client meeting in rugged jeans and t-shirts. But you can definitely wear a playful style of men’s underwear under your formal pants. Why should the fear of raising eyebrows to deprive yourself of the erotic feel? Most men ask this question- why should I think about my underwear style when no one can see it? I say, “why shouldn’t you take advantage of the fact that no one can see your underwear and try something that you’ve never tried before?

#2 Comfort

It won’t be wrong to state that some styles of men’s erotic underwear undies like men’s thongs and bikinis are cozier than the traditional ones. These underneath articles are skimpy and features high cuts and low rise fit. Unlike your baggy undergarment, these skivvies provide a snug fit style. The airy cut and the form-fitting size can actually keep you comfortable down there. Not only this, even perfect fit hugs your thighs and keeps it in the right place. This prevents bunching and riding up. Thus, you need not adjust yourself in front of everyone. The breezy styles are, in fact, as good as going commando.

#3 Support

Most of the undies for men these days are designed with the much more supportive pouch. Some of them even have an enhancing contraption. The pouch underwear for men is a supportive option for all the busy men out there. Keeping the genital away from the body of the wear, these skivvies not only accentuates your front profile but also keeps it abrasion-free. The anatomical pouch allows your testicles to breathe and release heat easily. No matter what you are doing, the support of your manhood is kept unaltered. The comfort and support can even motivate you to hit the gym.

#4 Raise the bar of your sex appeal

There is no age for going wild and for exploring the sensuous side of your personality. Ditch the old school styles and try modern ones. Feeling the fabric so close to the body and even the thought of wearing something sexy down there will run an erotic sensation in your nerve. So, instead of restricting your choice to the few usual options raise the bar of your sex appeal with the exotic underneath apparel. Sexiness is a state of mind. You look sexy as long as you feel like one. It’s an effortless tool to give you an effortless alluring attitude.

#5 Spice up your intimate life

Who says romance dies after a certain age gap? It is up to you to keep things spicy and exciting in your relation. Just like the lingerie for women, some of the underwear designers offer a range of sexy men’s panties which are specifically aimed at sprucing your intimate affairs. If you are looking for a motivation to deck out your personal space, then, this is an apt option for you. As mentioned above, the anatomical pouches of these undies even enhance the visibility of the front profile of the wearer. This will prove an eye-candy for your partner. Along with being apt everyday wear, the erotic styles are perfect for turning up the heat on a special occasion. Are you ready to explore the sensual side of men’s underneath fashion? Find your motivation and leave no aspect untouched.

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