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Men's Underwear: What's in and out?

“Fashion is above all an art of change. ~ John Galliano

Change is the law of nature and same goes true with the underneath fashion for men as well. The intimate apparel category for women has seen a lot of changes with time. However, for a very long time, the underwear styles for men were restricted to fewer options. With the changing taste and preference of modern men, the industry has seen a drastic change in the trends. While the traditional undies were just a piece of apparel used to cover male genital, the modern ones cover a wider range of functionality along with sensuality.

Men's Underwear: What's in and out

What type of underneath articles occupies your underwear drawers? Do you think you are in sync with the changing trends and current fashion? Here’s a checklist of few factors are very much ˜in’ and ˜out’ of fashion in this industry.

What’s ˜out’?

The baggy fit

The baggy fitThe baggy boxers and boxer shorts were a staple in the collection of every man for a very long time. The loose fit was breezy and cozy. However, they lacked the support that your manhood needs. Moreover, the bunching and riding up of the underwear added to the discomfort. If you are still using the grandpa style underwear, then, you need an upgrade. It has been replaced by the form-fitting styles long before.

The flat front

The flat frontTraditionally, male underwear kept the manhood down and in between the thighs. This led to some health issues such as excessive sweating, chafing and even affected the testicles of the wearer. The flat front was considered elegant, but with the increasing demand for an enhanced front profile, these undies is not an excepted style anymore.

Same style for all occasion

The option available in this category of men’s apparel was limited. Thus, no matter the occasion, people were forced to wear the same style. However, the functionality has been set straight now. There are different underwear styles for different occasions. Jockstraps for workouts, boxer briefs for adventurous trips, brief underwear for a long working day at the office and men’s bikinis for the exotic date nights are some of the examples of the options you can choose from.

What’s ˜in’?

The wide range of fabric

The wide range of fabricCotton was the only option available earlier. However, you can procure your piece in varied fabric options. Right from nylon, silk, polyester, polyamide, blend of microfiber. Moreover, the see-through sheer and mesh are some of the trending things these days. The material with a pinch of spandex to ensure flexibility and stretchiness.

Revealing patterns

Revealing patternsThe skimpy styles of thongs, bikinis, men’s g-string, and others are some of the most in-fashion undies for men these days. Gone are the days when every sexy underneath apparel was considered as ˜less masculine’. The revealing patterns have now become an inevitable way of raising your sex appeal. The incredible sexy apparel is comfortable and airy as well.

Sexy lace accent

Sexy lace accentLace is not just for the ladies anymore. The classic undies made up of ultra sexy lace fabric is not just a cozy option for you, but will even prove eye-candy for your partner. The best part of these underneath apparel is that the flimsy material covers the bare essentials and still manages to take your sensuality to the next level.

The splashy colors and prints

The splashy colors and printsThe classic shades are the best option for men. However, the current fashion trend urges every man to go bold. Every style of underwear is now available in uncommon and jazzy color combinations. Not only this, even the eye-catchy prints like that of the camo underwear is a predominant option in the intimate apparel category. Have you updated your underwear collection? If not, then, now is the time. Check out the changing trend and make the necessary wardrobe swaps for the edgiest below the belt style.
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