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Men’s Underwear- Wear the Right Style

It is that time when you have almost every kind of technology available. Every sector has evolved including the men’s underwear industry. Unlike decades ago when men had only 2-3...

Men’s Underwear- Wear the Right Style | Erogenos

It is that time when you have almost every kind of technology available. Every sector has evolved including the men’s underwear industry. Unlike decades ago when men had only 2-3 options for their underneath fashion, they have multitudes now. Moreover, men are more conscious about their intimate health now and are accepting the newer styles coming their way. At Erogenos, the collections go all the way from sophisticated and subtle to sexy and erotic. What kind of taste do you have? This blog would lay down the different men’s underwear styles available at the store.

1.Men’s briefs: Starting from the most conventional style, men’s brief underwear is considered to be the best for the male anatomy. With ample coverage in the front and rear, the construction of the style is loved by the majority of the population world over because it keeps everything together. The kinds available at the store are low waist briefs which solve the problem of showy waistbands.

Intymen Men's Briefs

2.Men’s boxers shorts: The next level of the invention was men’s boxers that looked completely different from briefs. Boxer shorts have a lot of fabric, no body-hugging fit, and support on the manhood. You’d find a waistband that holds the piece on the waistline and the rest flows down freely. However, the style changed a bit eventually when men felt that support was missing. The newer brands made boxers with body-hugging fit and support in the front.

Otzi Men's Boxer

3.Men’s boxer briefs: When men felt that briefs and boxers didn’t help them get what they wanted (support and comfort because support in boxers came later), men’s boxer brief underwear came into existence. The more fabric, more coverage apparel style fulfilled both the needs with ease. You’d find a variety of lengths available at the Erogenos that’ll go well with your personality and looks.

4. Men’s bikinis: Shorter and more appealing version of the briefs, men’s bikini underwear is a must-have for guys who like to keep it short and supported. The low rise bikinis are the most popular ones because of the waistline cut that is U-shaped to keep the item in its place. Mostly without the visible elastic waistband, the collection at Erogenos feature numerous cuts and designs matching the varied personalities.

Erogenos Men's Bikini

5.Men’s thongs: Going skimpier with every style, the sexiest of them all is men’s thong underwear. The style goes back to ancient times when it was worn by men. Featuring a pouch in the front and a thick waistband, the rear has a thin piece of fabric that might or might cover the butt crack. You’d find thongs crafted in lace, sheer, net and many more fabrics.

6.Men’s g-strings: The name is adopted from the guitar’s g-string, men’s g-string underwear features a barely-there pouch with a string-like waistband and a string rear band that passes through the butts. Resting low on the body, there are no chances of the style to ride up and if you want to prevent the irritating feeling in the back, buy the right size. With these styles, you’d find a lot more for your selection at Go on and find your perfect pair.

Covermale Men's G-String

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