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Let's talk about Christmas costumes for men baby


Christmas is the best time to ignite that romance and make some love with your partner. Creating that cozy vibe by burning those aromatic candles and switching off the lights, you must have tried such things. You must have even tried wearing sexy male underwear such as men's jockstraps, male thongs, and so on. This time I would like you to give costumes a chance.
Costumes for men are equally sexy, oh wait, actually much sexier compared to your briefs and boxer briefs. I know some of you must be thinking" Nah! we are alright with styles like briefs and boxer briefs. We don't want to wear costumes as they make no difference". Hence I have come up with a few benefits of wearing male costumes.

Secret Male SMV002 Deep V Body Suit

Reflect your confidence

Let's be honest, male costumes are not meant for everyone. The kind of exposure they offer is hard to handle. You need to be bold and confident enough to flaunt them and when you wear mens costumes, this shows how confident you are in your skin and in that specific costume. So the chances of your partner to turn on increases after all women love confident me

Hot as hell

Costumes for men are hot as hell and that's a fact. Hence, you and your partner get to live your fantasies together and this can do so much for your relationship. Together you can explore new ways of pleasure in the bedroom and can even bring both of you closer. 

Male costumes to try this Christmas

Male Power MPC009 Hose Me Down Costumes- Beginners

Male Power Hose Me Down Costumes is perfect for beginners. Someone who wishes to start with costumes yet feels shy to wear them. 

Male Power MPC009 Hose Me Down Costumes

I would suggest you keep the desert safe till the end of the dinner. What I meant was instead of revealing what you got inside in the first go, keep it secret and when the time is right reveal the secret. Trust me, your partner would love it. The best feature of this costume is it is made out of 88% nylon and 12% spandex. Because of this, you get to explore or get the freedom to try all your favorite positions, you know what I mean.

Miami Jock MJV008 Bodysuit- Intermediate and beginner

This costume for men is perfect for beginners and those who want to have a little bit extra. Miami Jock Bodysuit comes with a pouch that supports your manhood very well. Moreover, the suspenders keep everything in one place.

Miami Jock MJV008 Body Suit

Although if you have the confidence you can carry any type of costume, however, you got that sculpted body this style of men's costume would look really good on you. As this is costume is the extended version of the male jockstrap, so your butt will look plump from the back.

Miami Jock MJV014 Bodysuit- Experts

Another sexy men's costume is Miami Jock Bodysuit. This pair is again the extended version of male jocks. Speaking about the design, it comes with straps, a pouch, and two elastic straps. The pouch down there gives a glimpse of your manhood which makes this style "Perfect for experts". Furthermore, two elastic straps at the back give a nice plump to your butt.

Miami Jock MJV014 Bodysuit

For men who have been working hard to achieve that sculpted look, this men's costume is specially made for them. The way it enhances your physique is enough to turn on your partner and trust me, if you wear this on Christmas night, you will surely get lucky. Try it and thank me later.

Final Note

So, now you know why you should wear male costumes during Christmas. They are unique, sexy and there is no harm in trying something out of your comfort zone and which is unique. Also, the best time to purchase these styles is right now because Erogenos is offering up to 80% off sitewide in this Christmas sale. Do use code SHIPBONUS. Erogenos is providing a first-time coupon, EROGENWLC for first-time shoppers. Free shipping is being offered on US orders.

                                  Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas


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