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Lace - All You need to Know

Lace is a rich fabric that has been passed on to us from the ancient times when it belonged to the kings and queen. However, it has not diminished but...

Lace- All You need to Know | Erogenos

Lace is a rich fabric that has been passed on to us from the ancient times when it belonged to the kings and queen. However, it has not diminished but has grown in the years gone by. Where women look forward to the fabric as their luxurious partner (in fabric) for their wedding gowns and lingerie, the male underwear industry has also accepted it to be fruitful and pleasurable for them. Talking about the lace underwear for men, you must know about the fabric first and that’s exactly what this blog details you about.

What is lace?

Lace is referred to a delicate fabric featuring patterns made with machines o it. The patterns are intricately made by looping, braiding or twisting a thread. The majority of the times, it is made with the base fabric including cotton, nylon, polyamide and polyester, it features distinct embroidered pattern. The lace fabric has an open weave with visible space in between the weaves.

History of lace

  • 15th century: It was in the 15th century when lace came into existence. In that time, the detailing made on the fabric with threads were made of gold, silver or silk.
  • 17th century: It was in this year when the luxurious fabric turned the economy of the Europeans for good. It was then that men and women adopted the fabric or themselves.
  • 19th century: With Fresh Revolution and the Industrial revolution,  a lot of changes took place with reducing the expenses of the rich fabric.
  • Till date: You know that lace is now easily available in both the men’s fashion industry as well as women’s fashion world at inexpensive prices.

Types of Lace

Some of the most popular types of laces available in the industry include:
  1. Corded lace: The premium quality lace with outlined detailing.
  2. Guipure lace: The heaviest form made with silk or linen.
  3. Beaded lace: As the name suggests, it is accompanied with beads to accentuate the looks.
  4. Limerick lace: It is an embroidered form with intricate details made with hand in a mesh fabric; and
  5. Filet lace: A decorative lace-inspired from fishermen nets.


Talking specifically about the male fashion industry, lace is used in outfits as well as intimate wear. The sheer underwear (because it reveals) is available in the most conventional styles to sexiest g-string underwear. Which is your favorite fashion underwear style made out of lace? Do let us know in the comments below.

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