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How to Throw a Memorable Christmas Party?

How to Throw a Memorable Christmas Party?

With so many hectic schedules and responsibilities to handle the entire, it is the holiday season when you can actually get in touch with your loved ones. Whether it is the paying back time to your friends or welcoming your relatives to celebrate the day together, Christmas is probably the best time. However, being a man, throwing a party for one and all sounds like war with the kitchen and everything else as well.

This blog would help you figure out everything without making the whole situation look like its taking a toll on you. Let us look at the steps below.

1. Decide the place and nature of the party: The first thing that needs to be decided is the nature of the party. Whether you want a simple dinner party or games/dinner or even a theme party that happens away from your home with a long list of guests and best dishes served by the catering services or something else. Do not choose an option that is way beyond your reach and you wouldn’t be able to manage it.

2. Send out the invites and ask for their availability: It is very easy to invite people for dinner and sending out the invites. However, the tough part is following up to their availability and deciding in accordance to that. You must send an invite and also follow up by calling and asking whether they’ll be available for the dinner or not. In that manner, you would be able to decide for the amount of food (still keep a certain amount for last minute guests).

3. Decorate the house: Now when you’ve already figured out the number of guests, it is time that you start decking up your house or the venue. With Christmas being the occasion, make sure that the color combination is green, red, golden and blue. Christmas tree, wreaths, silver bells, candy canes, stockings, mistletoe and so many decorative ideas are there to set you in the right mood.

4. Sort out the menu: Being the most important part of the party, guests would patiently be waiting for the time when the table is served and what does it have. Candy cane cookies, Cranberry stuffed hen, Honey glazed ham, Swedish meatballs, and a lot more. With these main course dishes, keep some sides that kids also like. Have something that would be liked by every age group and no one will go home without enjoying.

6. Interact with everyone: Do not just stay in the kitchen and let your guests be on their own outside. Everyone knows you are busy but they have come to have a good time with you rather than the house. Hence, come out of the kitchen and meet people and chit chat and then get back to doing what your were.

7. Exchange gifts: Whether you buy gifts for only the closest ones or for everyone, you can choose from the variety of options. You can look up for options such as the ones that act as souvenirs like statues, portraits, timepieces or something else. On the other hand, you can opt for something that can be used by the person. For example, a tie, cufflinks, men’s underwear, chess board, belts, accessories and much more.

Finally, you’re all set for the party! If you think there’s something missing up here, do let us know in the comments below.

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