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How an underwear style changed my personality?

I recently had a break-up and was my symptoms were just like anybody else’s would be when they face heartache. I wanted to smile but the constant feeling of being...

I recently had a break-up and was my symptoms were just like anybody else’s would be when they face heartache. I wanted to smile but the constant feeling of being separated from the person I loved was bothering me. Not only this, I stopped stepping out of my apartment and blocked all the doors for anyone to reach me. Have you been there? I hope none of you face the same trouble because it is all a painful experience.

Change your personality

My friends were quite worried about me and how I was coping up with things around me. They all made a plan and came home with their baggage to spend the weekend with me. Being 4 in number (including me), all of them were my college mates and we were like inseparable. They had already planned this when they came over to my place and what came my way was just too absurd for me. One of them pulled out a pair of thongs from his bag and handed it over to me. The other one asked me to wear it for the Saturday outing the next day. I was too hesitant at first but had to do it because of all three of them had it clear in their heads that they’ll make me wear that thing (that looked like a thing to me).

Though they had bought me other clothing articles as well to brighten up my mood but this one men’s underwear made me look at it time and again wondering how men wore it. Finally, it was night, we had our supper and went to bed. I don’t know when I fell asleep thinking of the tiny sexy underwear. When my friends woke me up in the morning, they had already made breakfast and asked me to freshen up and get ready. I went for a bath and had the thong in hand when I was dry and ready to slip in. It was way too awkward at first when I slipped into it.

It was a lace underwear design that featured a comfortable pouch that covered my front and left the back bare. I was liking the feeling within of having something extremely tiny and sexy. We all went out and started on the road trip. My friends could notice the smile on my face because of something but said nothing about it. The constant feeling of lace rubbing against my balls was an exceptional feeling because this is something I had never experienced. It didn’t only make me feel sexy about myself, it made me wonder why that secretive happiness was there all over my face and everyone else also could figure that out. I had girls saying that dressing better makes them happy, now I can say- bang on!! Have you ever worn a pair of thongs or g-string underwear? If you haven’t, you must do it right away and makes sure that you do it right. How, you might ask?

  • Keep the size right or slightly bigger
  • Choose the right fabric that you’re comfortable with
  • Don’t go too minimal at first
  • Feel the confidence flowing through you; and
  • Rock whatever outfit you team up the style with.


Do you have any such stories with your designer underwear? Do let us know in the comments below.

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