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Erotic Underwear Styles at Erogenos

Erotic Underwear styles at Erogenos

With the emergence of a gamut of men’s underwear styles, there’s something for every personality as well as occasions. Erogenos being a popular men’s apparel online store provides comfortable, classy and sexy pieces for the modern men. The brand features an exclusive collection of men’s erotic underwear that is meant for men who do not settle for the conventional and ordinary. They look for opportunities to set themselves free with the help of minimal fabric. The styles that are considered to be erotic are less on fabric and more on accessories that help reveal the real you.

1.Bikinis: The collection of men’s bikini underwear by brands like Cover Male, Good Devil, Joe Snyder, and much more varies in terms of cuts and coverage. The cuts go all the way from conventional to Brazilian and string as well. The assortment is all about sheer panels, just-the-right-coverage pouches, high cuts, and vibrant colors.

Erogenos Mens Bikinis

2.Thongs: Stepping towards the sexiest apparel style for men, men’s thong underwear at Erogenos go all the way subtle, handsome to erotic and outrageous. Erotic being the focus, Good Devil, Miami Jock, Daddy, and Joe Snyder are a few names to consider. The label’s offerings are out of the world in terms of cuts, pouch options, and designs. Keeping the colors to the basic, the designs do the talking for you. Comfortable, erotic and sexy are words that best describe the category of thongs.

Erogenos Mens Thongs

3.G-strings: The term g-string itself deciphers a lot about how erotic things can be with the style. The line of men’s g-string underwear by the various labels is meant for occasions when you don’t want to let go off easily. Specially made for the romantic purposes, the style is comfortable, barely-there and stylish all the way. They are highly revealing and not meant for the fainthearted. You can wear them every day as well but the erotic ones are made for erotic situations only.

Erogenos Mens Gstrings

4.Jockstraps: Jockstraps are available for both athletic and pleasure purposes as well. The athletic ones are dedicated to the sporty activities whereas; the ones that give pleasure are the ones designed to be erotic. Lace, sheer, cut-outs, bare butts, and many other options make the style erotic. Considering these styles as erotic underwear, do you find any other style erotic too? Do mention in the comments below.

Hung Mens Jockstraps

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