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Do women approve of Men’s G-String Underwear?

Did you know that men’s thongs were the successful predecessor of loincloth? According to Wikipedia, the revealing garment was first worn by the male population. Well, if men’s thong underwear has been around for therefore long, why is it less popular than briefs or boxer briefs? Well, that’s what we all know about sexy underwear for men but do you have any idea about g-strings for men? 

Well, this blog talks about the question do women want men's g-string underwear or not.

Miami Jock MJL024 Big Cock G-String

If you notice the construction of the g-strings for men, you’ll find that both men's and women's g-strings look alike. The only difference in them is the funnel-like pouch in men's g-string underwear and a triangular patch for women’s lingerie. Men’s g-strings have a string waistband that keeps everything together, while the buttocks are left to expose.

You as a man would have planned to gift your partner, men’s fashion underwear style to make the romantic moments more sizzling. If not gifted lingerie, you would have gone head over heels when you discovered what she was wearing down there. In the same case, women want something extra from their partner. Even they crave to see her man in something skimpy and erotic. Women go to an extent to buy g-strings for men and gift them to their partners so that they know what she intends to do with him on the next date. You can consider this as payback by a woman for everything you’d do for her or just a sneaky way of saying that she wants you.

Practically speaking, it is not only men who look forward to spending money on their men’s underwear articles; women are equally interested in doing the same. Women are buying men's g-string underwear and other pouch underwear for men to add zest to the love life. Another reason that compelled women to opt for these sexy underwear styles is the sheer fabrics and innovative pouch options.

 Kyle KLL013 Shlong G-String for men

If you would have read articles regarding women looking at men’s underwear sometime ago, you’d find that women felt gross about men wearing g-strings for men. They did not consider it to be a part of the men’s sexy underwear industry but eventually realized that men have the right to choose what kind of mens erotic underwear they’d prefer and what they don’t want to wear. It may be that women buy men's g-string underwear because they are increasingly sought after by men as a whole, as many men find them incredibly comfortable and supportive.

When you buy men’s lingerie for yourself, the basic motive behind it is - support, comfort, protection, and enhancement, whereas; women plan to shop for you, they’d plan the entire evening with you in those pairs. Women can be very creative when it comes to pleasing their partners and that’s why to want men's g-string underwear to be a part of your wardrobe.


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