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Did you know men's jockstrap has started trending again?

Few days back I was sitting and having a nice black coffee with my old and dearest friend, so there while talking I came to know that men's jockstraps have started trending again. I was slightly surprised because not much people are into jockstrap. Majority of men prefer wearing underwear styles like men's brief and boxer briefs. Jockstrap underwear is way different from these pairs and is capable of making someone conscious due to its silhouette. Hence, I was surprised and but I am happy because I personally love this sexy male underwear. 


Pistol Pete PPE033 Pistol Pecker Jockstrap

If you look at the old pair of jockstrap and men's thong and then compare it with latest pair of men's jockstrap and thongs, you will find that these two styles have gone through immense changes. You can say that recent pair of men's jockstraps is far better and more fashionable compared to old ones. Besides that, it offers some incredible benefits to the wearer hence we will go through all those benefits. I believe those benefits are the reason of jockstraps comeback.

Why male jockstraps are trending again?

1. Jockstrap underwear for men is super sexy

Like I mentioned above, the latest version of jockstrap is fashionable and sexy as hell. Hence we can figure out why men are getting attractive towards this style or have suddenly started liking it. Latest pair of men's jockstrap underwear looks seductive and highlight your genitals. Moreover, they're also fantastic foreplay for a night out with your lover.


Intymen INE024 Lover Jockstrap


2. Male jockstrap is multi-purpose

Another reason of jockstrap's comeback is that it can be worn on multiple occasions. Whether its about making a bold statement in front of your audience or burning calories effortlessly in gym, jockstrap can be trusted for both the situations. Male jockstrap are ideal for sports that are intense like football etc.


3. Gay men are liking the style 

I don’t know whether heterosexual men are in love with male jockstrap or not, but I am 200% sure that gay men love this style. Hence, this sexy men's underwear is becoming increasingly fashionable among gay men. One of the major reasons of gay men to love this style is because it enhances their lower-body features and make them look attractive. So, if you're going on a date with one, surprise them with your attractive underwear and they'll be highly excited.

Secret Male SME001 Mirror Jockstrap

4. Jockstrap underwear is trend of sportswear

Sportswear has been popular for a long time. People are wearing athletics everywhere, from the gym to the lounge and the streets. Further, this is most likely why underwear companies are reintroducing the long-forgotten sports jockstrap. This tiny pair of male underwear is easy to match with and are comfortable too. 

5. Yes! everything remains in place

One of the biggest reasons of men feeling confident in male jockstrap is because the elastic straps in it keeps everything in place. Everyone wants to feel confident in whatever they're wearing, but your unsupported parts down there can sometimes make you feel insecure. Moreover, this sexy male underwear keeps everything in place for much longer than any other type of underwear. Also, this boosts your sex appeal and make you feel more self-assured.


Hung HGE016 Tower Jockstrap


Looking at the advantages of men's jockstrap, it deserves to be back in the game. Though this is a tiny pair of male lingerie but it is damn powerful, it has everything which a modern men look in a certain pair of lingerie. Overall, it's a fantastic trend for more support as well as sex appeal. 

Although there are several websites and brands offerings pairs of jockstraps, however, when it’s about finding one brand or website which is reliable, it has to be Erogenos. I have listed few pairs of jockstraps which you should consider for yourself. Trust me, you won’t regret.

Pairs of men's jockstraps to consider

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