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4 Questions to ask whether your underwear is Designer or not

Earlier in the week I was flipping and reading blogs (that’s what bloggers do to keep updated) on fashion and other things that amuse me. It was then I came...

Earlier in the week I was flipping and reading blogs (that’s what bloggers do to keep updated) on fashion and other things that amuse me. It was then I came across a blog that stated the differences between the original and fake apparel styles. It made me realize that there are very basic traits that let you decipher the one that you must buy. The moment I read that respective article, I felt the urge to inform all the readers about the same in the context of - your men’s underwear. Being the most basic and available in such a plethora, you never know which pair/style/brand are actually the designer and which aren’t.

Men's Designer Underwear |

So, how do you know if it is a pair of designer underwear or not? Find out the questions that will help you figure out the worth of your money below.

Does the design look modern to you?

The very first thing that comes across when you take a look at any underwear whether traditional briefs or unconventional thong underwear for men, is the design of the product. Solid, printed, embroidered or any other, the design would always come across as a soothing and design. Anything that is flashy (unnecessarily flashy) is not a designer by nature. However, leaving a few exceptions where being flashy is mandatory to put the product across, subtle is your way. The conventional are outdated and moving towards the newer ones is what you need to look yup to.

Does it feel good to touch?

Anything that appeals isn’t soft to touch! If it has appealed your eyes already, make sure you touch it and believe that it won’t be like the cacti plant for your manhood. However, shopping online would not let you do that. Hence, you must always look up to the fabric compositions before adding the product to the cart. No matter what the base fabric is if it doesn’t feel soft on the manhood, it is not good for the same.

Are the colors too basic or unnecessarily flashy?

Neon pink or neon orange is not what men indulge in on a regular basis. Until and unless you have a Halloween party scheduled or it is some themed party, you wouldn’t want to wear flashy colors that’ll pop out of your formal wear. Moreover, men’s lingerie is here and it too is what appeals and doesn’t pinch in your eyes. However, there are popular brands like 2xist or Calvin Klein which release their limited edition pop colors to add that pep in your underneath, but it is not what they provide for 365 days.

Did the tags with the pair mention the washing instructions?

Have you ever thought about or cared about the washing instructions mentioned on the tags of your pair? Oops!! Did you just say there weren’t any? You must remember that a designer brand would make sure that its products are well maintained and hence, they’ll provide a tiny guide for the same. It can be either on the tags attached to the style itself or in the packaging that the pair comes in. You’d be able to find every possible style at From the regular ones to the erotic styles that store caters, you just have to pick yours. Do you have anything to add up here? Do let us know.

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