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Men’s Swimwear - What to Look out for?

If you think about men’s swimwear, the first thing that comes to your mind is the beach and its activities. However, swimming as a sport is not very well talked about. Probably because men consider beach or casual swimming in the pool is what men want to read or talk about rather than the sports aspect. This blog would focus on swimming as a sport and throw light on what one needs to pay attention to while buying the styles.

Men’s Swimwear- What to Look out for | Erogenos Let us look at the aspects you need to focus on while shopping men’s swimwear styles.

Look for the brand

We all have our favorite brands that we depend on without even having a single thought about. Even in this case, choose your respective brand that makes your feel supported, sexy and comfortable in. Whether you’re in love with Speedo, Vuthy, Cover Male or Intymen, make sure the brand suits your manhood as well as your needs for the same.

Consider your physique

Every man is built differently with a few inches here and there. The Athletic or sport built, the chubby ones, the skinny and the regular body types who are neither skinny nor sporty and definitely not flabby. Also categorized as endomorphs, ectomorphs and mesomorphs, a variety of physiques are available. You must consider your physique when you choose your style of swimwear. You have swim bikinis for lean personalities, swim thongs for the chiseled ones, square cuts for regular men, board shorts for guys who are on the heavier side. That’s not it! There are men who can sport any style regardless of their body built.

Fabric is a must

When it comes to water and the water activities, the fabric comes into play an essential part. Materials like polyester, polyamide, nylon, extra life Lycra and a some specially crafted fabrics are what the collection at Erogenos offers. These fabrics are durable, moisture wicking, supportive and blended with spandex for enhanced elasticity. There are other minor details that you should look at including the cut (for leg movement while sports activities), color, waistband style (elastic or drawstring) and much more. What do you look at when you plan to shop swimwear? Do let us know!

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