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Men's Jockstraps: From then - Till now

Men's Jockstraps: From then - Till now


Asking the question that - have you ever worn a pair of men’s jockstraps would be quite out of the box because who hasn’t tried the men’s underwear style for once? If you have, you’d know how it feels like to have something so supportive and meant only for the manhood. However, if you haven’t tried them, this is the right time. Taking a trip into history, from the time the fashion underwear was born till today, jump on the bandwagon and celebrate the existence of the same. Did you know that the style has been around for almost 140 years now?? Sadly, not many men know about it because of their love for other styles like men’s briefs or boxer brief underwear.

Founded or brought in the industry in the year 1874 by a man named C.F. Bennett, jocks were born. Bennett was a popular businessman in that time and was responsible for bringing forth the athletic style for the bicycle jockeys. The bicycle riders gained the support, comfort and most importantly the protection offered by the style while long hours of cycling. Jocks came in as a personal companion and men went gaga about them because they came across as one-stop wear that would save, protect and support the manhood from the different kinds of injuries. With a cup that was probably made of plastic or metal, the design had one a pouch (where the cup was inserted), a waistband and leg bands. The jocks continued to be the hero of the sports industry for almost 100 years till the 1980s.Then?? Jockstraps started to lose their charm!! Why??

The collection of compression shorts introduced as the fully-covering rival to the style. The alternative apparel style provided the same or at least near about support as well as protection in a lot of fabric. Hence, jocks disappeared from the industry and nobody cared about the same.

Later on, in the last few decades, men saw boxer brief underwear coming up and with them out of nowhere came the jocks. The only difference now was - the fashionable jocks came into the picture. You’d find lace underwear, sheer underwear, open pouches, pouches sans cups, and so on to open the wearer spectrum to regular wear as well. And, now, jockstrap underwear lives happily in the top drawer as well as in the hearts of men.

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