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The Exotic Men’s Underwear of Male Power: Top Styles You Need to Own


Male Power has been around for decades and allows men to express themselves through sexy underwear. Nearly everything in the brand’s collection is likely to make you blush, as you will find enhancing underwear that shows off what you have instead of hiding it. Male Power’s successful designs span all styles of gay men’s underwear you could possibly want. 

Male Power Bikinis

The bikinis from Male Power are there to perfectly cradle your asset and help you feel secure without covering too much. There are even pairs with convenient mesh, cutouts, and zippers. These give you sexy men’s underwear that is just for the eyes of you and your partner. 

Male Power Briefs

You won’t find traditional briefs from Male Power, as this brand adds a sexy twist to even this classic option. For example, the comfortable and sexy nylon-spandex briefs are pouchless. They get a little bit of support but focus on showing off. 

Male Power Boxer Briefs

The boxer briefs from Male Power take sexy men’s underwear to the next level, giving you upgrades like lace to add to their sexiness. 

Male Power Boxer Shorts

As you look for boxer shorts, you will notice that every pair does what you want from gay men’s underwear, help you show off. The “simplest” options are mini boxer shorts that show plenty of legs and are tight in all the right places. There are also incredibly fun options, such as those with singlets or mesh. Each pair has a design meant to show off. 

Male Power Boxers

As with the brand’s boxer briefs, the Male Power boxers help you feel sexy with enhancing underwear featuring lace. 

Male Power Costumes

Since Male Power’s underwear is designed to enhance your time in the bedroom, it should come as no surprise that the lineup also includes some costumes. Be a firefighter and “hose me down” or be a cop and “frisk ‘em.” Or just enjoy a harness that looks great in place or with some of the other underwear styles. 

Male Power G-strings

Sexy underwear is where Male Power truly shines, and with half a dozen G-strings, this category is no exception. If you want plenty of air flow and to impress your partner in the bedroom, these are an excellent choice. 

Male Power Jockstraps

The extensive selection of jockstraps gives you your choice of pattern, but all of them have one common theme. These enhancing underwear give you plenty of support. They are great for working out or just feeling sexy in the bedroom. Some liven things up even more with straps or cutouts in fun locations or even sexy materials like diamond mesh. 

Male Power Thongs

Male Power offers more thong than any other style, making this a category that you must buy at least a few pairs in. Choose a pair with varying levels of straps or one that purposely reveals your package instead of tucking it safely away. From bikinis that almost look like regular briefs from the front with a surprise in the back to fetish options, you are likely to find several you love. 

Male Power Tank Tops

Give your top half the same level of sexiness and comfort as your bottom half with tank tops. Use them to focus your partner’s attention on your enhancing underwear instead of your abs. Or pull them up slightly to show off both. 

Male Power Shorts

If you want a bit more coverage from your gay men’s underwear, consider the Male Power shorts. Many manage to leave little to the imagination despite covering everything. Others technically fit the definition of shorts, but with their cutouts and mesh, they cover much less than expected. 


Male Power’s underwear makes you feel and look your best at all times. The brand focuses on sexy underwear styles like thongs and G-strings but also has bikinis, boxer shorts, and more for you to choose from.

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