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Cocktail Party? 7 Tips for a Sophisticated look

Why are cocktail parties such an important part of our lives? Well, because no great story started with a person eating salad. The cocktail parties and the attire for the same gained popularity in the twenties and thirties when social networking meant gathering where people met each other. The pre-dinner drinks were in trend in the wealthier section of the society. The people venturing into such parties were fashion-oriented and hence were very particular about what they wear. Ever since, then, the quasi-formal dress code is used as the attire for such parties. Cocktail PartyHave you received the invitation for any such party? Gear yourself up with the tips listed below and make a style statement.

Suit is obligatory

Suit is obligatoryThese events are nothing like the school disco parties or get-together at the pub. They are way too formal than the parties you usually attend. The semi-formal look is incomplete without the suit. Particularly, in these gatherings, it is the blazer that speaks for your style statement and your personality. So, make sure that you wear the right suit for the event. Go with the subtle classy shades. The jazzy ones should be kept in reserve for any other event. Colors like black, navy or even white are ideal. However, with white, there's always a risk of the unruly stain of red wine. So, it's better to go with the conventions.

Shirt and trouser

Shirt and trouserOnce you have chosen the suit for the event, it is time for you to select the shirt and trouser that complements the blazer. You're more likely to choose the dark-colored suit, so, the shade of the shirt should be light. Both the shades should contrast each other. Even the patterned shirts is a good option to look dapper. The color of the trouser should be exactly same as that of the coat. This is the best and the safest way to dress sharp for the formal occasion.


TailoringDespite the formal approach, the cocktail attire calls for a lot of precautions. Right from the suit to the trouser, everything should be well-tailored. The clothes should fit you like gloves. No shabby looking and baggy clothes are acceptable for such events.

Accessorize the suit

Accessorize the suitAs mentioned above, the suit or the blazer is the highlight of the entire look of a man at the cocktail parties. So, you need to accessorize the blazer properly and you'll automatically cut a dash with your look. The quasi-formal look allows you to ditch the tie and bow ties. Having said that a sleek tie can add new dimensions to appearance. Traditionally men carried pocket-watch, but it's not very important. However, the pocket square is a must. Its color should contrast the suit and complement the shade of the shirt. A classic timepiece can help you dress to the nines. Things like brooch are optional. While cuff-links can take the style statement of your shirt to the next level.

Dress Shoes

Dress ShoesIt won't be wrong to that the footwear defines the overall personality of a man. Like every other accessory, even the footwear should complement your coat. The round toe Oxford shoes crafted in high-quality leather is the timeless option for such event. Loafers are also considered as semi-formal footwear. However, you need to make sure that it's matching your attire. Even the socks should be subtle enough to match your footwear. However, some style-conscious men go with socks featuring stripe patterns and polka-dots.

Consider the undergarment

The undergarment has no contribution in decking out your appearance, but is a key factor of comfort and your self-confidence. The underwear for men that you pair with the attire should be functional enough to keep you comfy during the party. Along with this, as the trouser is tailored and fitting, there are chances of visible underwear line. So, the seamless styles of men's thongs are ideal. Instead of flat-fronted underwear, you can go for the pouch enhancing underwear as well. This will accentuate the visibility of the front profile.

Indulge in grooming

Indulge in groomingDown to the heel appearance is not accepted for such sophisticated gatherings. So, along with the attire, you need to groom yourself properly. Bathe well and indulge into personal grooming. The beards should be well-trimmed and the hair should be done appropriately. Make sure that you wear clean clothes and well-polished footwear. Along with this, choose the right fragrance of cologne. You need to smell fresh all through the party. Were these points helpful? Drop us a comment below.

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