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7 Layering hacks for Summer

Layers', the very word reminds us of the fall. A while ago, no one would have imagined about summer layering unless you're talking about formal attire. However, the trends are...

Layers', the very word reminds us of the fall. A while ago, no one would have imagined about summer layering unless you're talking about formal attire. However, the trends are changing and layers have become an inevitable part of men's fashion. Whether you at your office, or at an exotic beach, this is one way of electrifying your appearance. Most men think that it may sound appeal, but it is not easy to pull off? Do you think the same way? 

Here are some of the style hacks that can help you layer your outfit even during the hottest day of the year. Have a look.

Check The Fabric

Fabric plays a vital role in nailing layers during Summer. While it is the easiest pull it off during the Fall, it becomes tricky in the hot and humid weather. A linen jacket and trousers, or a pure linen jacket over a pure linen shirt can do the magic for you.

check the fabric

There are hoodies made of cotton available in the market. Pair it with your t-shirt and you can effortlessly turn heads. Not only this, even a sleek tee or tank top paired with an unbuttoned dress shirt can look exceptional. The fabric should be lightweight and should offer moisture-wicking properties.

Turn To Dark Side

The color options available in the fashion industry for men is ample. Choosing the right shade is the key for rocking layer. The dark colors are a classic option, regardless of the occasion and season. The contrasting mixture of dark and light is the best way to galvanize your appearance in this season.

Turn To Dark Side

Keep outermost layer dark and the middle one light. This is one choice that can complement any sort of personality. Moreover, make sure that you consider your skin tone before choosing the shade of your attire.

Go For Patterns

Trying anything new and different from the conventions is difficult for men. This is one season that provides you the opportunity to push the limits and raise the boundaries of your style. Enough of solid colors, try the jazzy prints this season. This is the perfect time to get some dress shirts and Hawaiian t-shirt.

Go For the patterns

The best thing about this style is that it can be paired with the blazers or cardigans. Moreover, the stripe patterns paired with solid jackets and suits look exceptional. This versatile combination goes well for semi-formal as well as casual occasions. Keep the patterns as the middle layer.

Button Downs

The best way to stay in line with the trend without compromising comfort is to wear breathable dress shirt along with a sleek suit or hoodie. The button-downs for warm weather is specifically designed for all those who prefer performance along with style.

Button Down

This is the perfect option for you if the goal is to remain stylish while staying as cool as possible.

Match The Color, But Mix The Texture

Match the shade of the layers. While you can mix the different texture of the fabric in the different layers. However, make sure that every layer is made up of high-end fabric that is breathable and airy.

get the perfect look

On the other hand, the colors of the clothes should contrast, but complement each other at the same time.

Use Accessories The Right Way

Rock a hat, classic sunglasses and stylish footwear with the layers. The flip-flops, sneaker and even loafers are perfect to be paired with Summer wear. A trendy wristwatch can take your style to the next level. The bandanas or scarf are other staples for this season.

Use accessories in aright way

Since your attire is a bit bright and bold, you can keep the accessories subtle and simple. Pair the ensemble in the right way and you’ll be able to nail the look.

Check The Bottoms

Along with the t-shirt and jackets, the bottoms are equally important in layering. For casual occasions, you can go with short. The printed shirts look best with solid light-colored bottoms. Chinos are other perfect option for the season. However, the baggy cargo pants are not in trend.

Check The Bottoms in men dress

Along with this, consider the style of men’s underwear that you are wearing. The skimpy cuts of men’s brief or bikini underwear are ideal for the hot weather. Were these points helpful? Share your summer fashion hacks in the comments below.


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