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6 Style Hacks for men this Summer

Summer is upon us and people have started to freak out because of the intensity of the sun rays is increasing day after day. I admit! I too am feeling hot and you cannot do anything about it. 6 Style Hacks for men this SummerPeople living the cooler parts of the world are blessed in their own ways but men who are facing this heat have to and cope up with the problems caused by the same. The first problem is to swap from the winter articles to the summer one where you tend to make mistakes. Moreover, when it starts getting hotter, style goes down the drain because no matter how handsomely you dress, the scorching heat and the sweat takes it away from you. However, we’ve come up with some tricks that can give you some relief on that end and will keep you cooler in the summer days. These clothing tips will benefit you to an extent for sure.

Adopt a hat or summer bandanas

Adopt a hat or summer bandanasWhat can be cooler than sporting a Fedora or a Boater on a summer day? If not a hat, then your outfit would be able to accommodate a fashionable bandana that keeps your head covered and away from direct sunlight. Make sure that the fabric used is breathable or else the problem will still survive.

Rule out the possible fabric

Rule out the possible fabricSummer is all about fabrics. It is the first thing that you look out for because the choice of the same is what affects your comfort. You must make sure that your fabrics are - breathable, lightweight and moisture wicking. If any of the features is compromised, you would fall prey to discomfort. Cotton is the most popular and loved fabric whereas; linen and synthetic blends aren’t behind. They are the ones which can make or break your comfort.

Wear a comfortable underwear

Wear a comfortable underwearClothing starts from your men’s underwear and if you set this right, a big part of the problem will be solved. With multiple layers of fabric covering your manhood, the chances of sweat and chafing are higher. However, if you don’t wear the same, there are graver issues which can cause a lot more damage. To get a midway, you can try styles like g-string for men or sheer underwear or lace made with fabrics like cotton. This would certainly solve the problem on both the ends.

Choose the right shorts

Choose the right shortsNeither too bulky nor too short, the shorts are an integral part of your summer clothing. After all, they look dapper sporting the style with tees or casual shorts. Choose the right length of the shorts which is a little below the knee and in a variety of colors (don’t go out of the world please) to look appealing.

Opt for a cold shower to avoid sweat

Opt for a cold shower to avoid sweatHave you ever tried having a bath with cold water in order to stop excessive sweating? If you haven’t, you must do it this year and you’d be amazed that your body won’t produce for a longer while. With some more added steps, like applying talcum powder and deodorant in the right places, sweat can stay away from you.

No show socks are the trend

No show socks are the trendWith already the temperature soaring high added accessories can cause more heat production in the body. One of the examples is the long executive socks. Ditch them and opt for no-show socks which cover only the feet leaving the legs bare. They even look good because no one would have to see the funny prints and the stretched out elastic of the same. Do you have any other hack that our readers can benefit from? Do let us know in the comment section.

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