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6 Red Flags that may Kill the Chances to Win Over Her

Red Flags that may Kill the Chances to Win Over HerWhat does it take to win the heart of a woman? This is the first question that most men ask. The answer is nothing in particular. Sometimes the slightest gesture and generous smile are enough to leave a lasting impression. At times even months of effort goes in vain. You just need to be yourself in order to feel close. However, there are certain things that may kill your chance of attracting her. Wanna know what they are? Check out the points mentioned below.

Gibberish talks

Gibberish talksThe nonsensical talks and immature behavior were considered cool when you were school. Things have changed since then and you are into a serious business of impressing a woman. The intelligence and the way you present your thoughts is the first thing that ladies notice in men. Hence, make sure that you talk sense without being very serious or getting into heated debates. Have an opinion about what's going around? An intelligent man will automatically grab attentions and win hearts.

Personal insecurities

Personal insecuritiesA hot head and an insecure eye can never impress a woman. A man who doesn't trust his partner and is always nagging about things will distance her from himself. Even bragging is one of the consequences of low self-esteem. A man with complexes will blab more in order to impress her. So, the key is to be yourself and have trust on the person you have chosen. Along with this, dishonesty is another reason that leads to failures. A gentleman attracts the attention of many, but has his eyes on one. Be honest and give her the space to be herself. The relationship will take off well if it is meant to be.

Lack of self-confidence

Lack of self-confidenceIt is okay to be an introvert and socialize less. However, the lack of self-confidence is one of the biggest drawbacks of a man's personality. The man who doesn't have the confidence to look straight into her eyes and talk will never get her attention. The best way to stay confident is to accept all your drawbacks and brush up your positive skills. Self-acceptance is the best way to don a confident personality. You need not push yourself too much to socialize with her friends and family, but at least be open to meet them warmly. Respect the people she treasures and she'll find you irresistible.

No sense of humor

No sense of humorA sense of humor is always a turn on. Keep the situation light and fun-filled when she is around. This doesn't mean that you have to crack a joke every minute. Just take things lightly and don't let the conversation be dull and boring. Moreover, do not show the lack of interest in everything that she is insisting upon. In case, you don't wanna go to any place, social gathering or do something that she wants, just try to talk her out of it. You need not talk politics and sports all the time. Moreover, your jokes should not cross the line.

Shabby dressing style

Shabby dressing styleThe dressing sense is another aspect that completes a man. Your poor dressing can be overlooked once or twice, but not always. Make sure that you dress according to the event and do not stick to your sports t-shirt and cargo pants. Dress sharply and groom yourself well. Check out the styling hacks and stay dapper. Along with the attire, the style of men's underwear is equally important. The ugly pair of undies can be a turn off, especially on the date nights. Go for the erotic men's g-string underwear or men's bikinis if you are shy of going sexy. This will keep her interest up in you.

You are either being too courteous or very cold

too courteous or very coldChivalry never goes out of fashion. So, showing some courtesy to the lady always comes handy when it comes to impressing her. However, being too courteous and over-protective is annoying the modern women. At the same time, there is a problem if you too cold or blunt. Keep it normal, do not try too hard to be a gentleman nor should you be disrespectful. Just keep it simple and try to enjoy each other's company. What are your hacks to win over a woman? Share your views in the comments below.

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