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5 Wardrobe swaps you need to make this Summer

“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk. ~ Louise Smith

The bright, sunny days make summer the most wonderful time of the year to ditch the dull, neutral colors and try something that can brighten up your attitude. As the summer break is just around the corner, it is high time that you update your closet with edgiest and trendiest stuff. You need not overhaul the entire wardrobe, just a few sensible changes can do wonders. This is where strategic wardrobe swaps come in. Have a look at some of the essential swaps that you need to have this summer.

1.Swap: Slogan t-shirts

Slogan t-shirtsMost men think that slogan t-shirts are funny, but they aren’t. No one except you thinks that wearing something of this sort appear to be cool. When it comes to casual wear keep it simple, sleek and go for solid colors. At times, you can even go for the classic subtle prints.
For: Plain t-shirts or tees with stripes Plain t-shirts or tees with stripesUpdate your casual easy-going style with some sophisticated solid t-shirts. The polo shirts are the safest option, but you can even try some light colored tees. The timeless horizontal and vertical stripe patterns can adorn all sorts of personalities. While for hitting the beach or for deep dive in the ocean, you can go for some subtle floral prints.

2.Swap: Plated, ill-fitted pants

Plated, ill-fitted pantsWearing ill-fitted clothes is one of the biggest fashion blunders of all time. This is especially common during summer when heat compels you to go for the loose fit. Moreover, most men are still using pleated pants for formal wear.
For: Straight fit trousers Straight fit trousersThe trouser and chinos should be flat-fronted. Avoid wearing pants with plates. Other than this, make sure that trouser fits you perfectly. There is a slight difference between well-tailored and tight. You should be able to sit in your trouser without busting the seam.

3.Swap: Cargo Pant

Cargo PantThe baggy cargo pants with sagging pouches are perfect for hikers, but it projects a very shabby appearance and juvenile look. Are you still using the cargo pants? It’s time to rethink!
For: Chino shorts Chino shortsThe chino shorts are a better alternative for this. They are pocket-less, generally shorter and all-around slimmer and flattering. The best thing about chinos is that the wearer appears like a real gentleman even in his casual look.

4.Swap: Shiny dress shirts

Shiny dress shirtsThe going-out, dress shirts, especially the ones made of shiny fabric can make you stand out in the nightclub, definitely not in a positive way. The jazzy colors and fabric may intrigue you, but it is time to get rid of it.
For: The subtle party shirts The subtle party shirtsA real man’s wardrobe should be able to translate from work to play instantly.  There’s always an opportunity to dress up or dress down your staples, but let your personality do the talking. Your sophistication and style should turn heads instead of shiny fabric and patterned party shirt. Go for subtle, stylish and versatile shirts that can get you perfectly ready for all occasion and event.

5.Swap: The conventional underwear styles

Sticking to the tried and tested apparel keeps you ˜safe’. However, the change in trends calls for exploring your taste and style statement. So, don’t let monotony enter into your intimate affairs. Ditch the traditional tighty-whitey and go for something more exotic.

For: Erotic men’s underwear The undergarment plays an equally important role in defining the personality of an individual. So, flaunt your sexy side and tantalize your partner this summer. Upgrade your collection of men’s underwear with the seductive styles of sheer underwear, men’s g-string, and others.

The skimpy style will keep your manhood cool in the heat of summer and take your sensuality to the next level. Are you ready to welcome the heat of summer with an on-trend look? What are your swap plans this season? Share with us in the comment below.

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