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It's all about the Briefs

all about the BriefsBriefs, the conventional men's underwear style has been in the industry for a very long time. They have been the preferred style since ages as the comfort provided by them remains unmatched by the other styles. So, when we say all about briefs, what do we expect - history, features, construction, types of briefs, advantages, and disadvantages, right? This blog covers all the above-mentioned points to give you an idea that why the style is still preferred when there is ample no of new fashionables released by the industry. Read on to find out.

History of the tight-whiteys

History of the tight-whiteysThe History of men’s briefs rolls in between 1935 to the 20th century. The very first attire was sold on 19th January 1935 by Coopers, Inc., that was established in Chicago, Illinois.  Later, in 1938, United Kingdom introduced briefs which witnessed a sale of more than 3,000 articles per week. By 1948, the underneath article was provided to every participant at the British Olympic head.  Then in the 20th century, boxer briefs were introduced in the industry which provided which mirrors the style of boxers with the snug fit of briefs.

Features provided by the snug-fits

Full coverage:

Though the style allows a bit of leg show but, the style provides a full frontal and rear coverage of the assets.

Elastic waistband:

The strong elastic waistband incorporated in the underwear holds the entire structure of the underwear.

Contoured pouch:

Contoured pouchThey offer a contouring pouch that provides the perfect lift and support to the manhood. This keeps everything in place that eliminates the dangling feeling down there.


The construction of the men’s briefs ensures the right fits at the right places which stretches till the navel. They cover the assets to the fullest while offering the best of support to the male anatomy and the bums.

Types of Briefs

Low Rise Briefs:

This one gained a high popularity with the low waist jeans. When people faced popping waistband embarrassments low rise briefs were brought in as a solution. They sit low on the waistline that avoids such difficulties.

Mid Rise Briefs:

Mid Rise Briefs rest exactly on the natural waistline. Conventional brands still manufacture mid rise briefs which target the older generation specifically.


Below are some of the perks offered by the style.

Undying support

The construction of the above respective style includes a supportive pouch that keeps the junk in place. The pouch options can vary such as contouring, anatomical and enhanced and much more. However, all the variations provide the best of support to the anatomy down there.

Better fit

The fit is what determines the style of the wearer. Hence, the respective article ensures the right fit according to the different body types. Additionally, the fit also accentuates what you already have to provide an appealing look.


Men's BriefIn continuation to the support, comfort is the next big thing that the wearer expects from, his underwear. The smooth coverage of the assets also includes fabrics like cotton and microfiber blends to offer a luxurious feel to the assets while the other exceptional traits like moisture wicking features, quick drying, durability are also covered within them.


Now when an attire has certain advantages, it also tends to have disadvantages as well and briefs are no exception in such cases. Below mentioned is one of them.

Low sperm count

According to the experts, briefs can cause infertility or low sperm count. The snug fit causes heat that can kill the fertility of the male anatomy. However, the only solution to this would be letting your manhood breathe better after being the pairs for some time. You can also opt for more breathable fabrics like mesh, lace that can keep the privates cool down there. As described, above was a brief description about the briefs. If you feel that we missed out on something then do let us know in the comments below.

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