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History of Mens Brief Underwear

We all know that men’s brief underwear has been with us for a very long time. By long, we mean like really really long time! You might have seen your daddy wearing it and probably your grandfather as well. Known as the most conventional men’s underwear style, briefs have been loved by men all over the world. 

History of Mens Brief Underwear | Erogenos

Did you know the history of the respective designer underwear? Well, the blog would lay down the various years of briefs below.

1.1935 January

The very first men’s brief underwear was sold on 19th January 1935 Coopers, Inc., established in Chicago, Illinois. Though you might have heard that Jockey was the first brand that offered the Y-front. However, this company dubbed the same undergarment and the style offered ample support.

2.1935 March

It was after the three months of introduction, the term “Jockey was popular all over North America. Later in that time, the term “tighty whiteys came into fashion.


The United Kingdom first introduced briefs in the year 1938 and in no time, the stores witnessed the sale of more than 3,000 briefs per week. In a matter of 10 years, the fashion underwear style was provided to every participant at the British Olympic head in 1948.

4.1938- 20th century

In the long span of so many years, men all across the globe adopted briefs as their favorite enhancing underwear style that would provide a snug fit, ample coverage from the navel till the butts and masculine appeal.

5.20th century

It was in the 20th century that boxer briefs were introduced in the industry with its promise of providing the best of both the worlds (briefs and boxers) and featuring a long construction and the support to the manhood. The shorter version of boxer briefs was later introduced and are called trunks. Keeping it brief and crisp, now you’d be able to know the history of your favorite underwear style.

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