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5 Myths about Bikinis worth busting

Since the men’s underwear industry has witnessed numerous technological advancements, men have been bestowed with a wide variety of fashion underwear styles that are way beyond our imagination. For example, did you ever think that you’d find ways to raise your posterior? I’m sure not!! Did you ever think that styles like male thongs or g-strings would make their way for men? No way!! Well, with so many advancements, myths have made their way in the industry.
5 Myths about Bikinis worth busting
You must have heard about myths regarding every single style. The one style that we’ll be looking at in this blog is bikini underwear for men. The name itself creates an image of a woman walking at the beach in a skimpily clad bikini top and bottom. But, what we’re talking about is the collection of designer underwear for men and these myths must be busted before you end up believing them to be true.

1. They’re feminine

Just like I mentioned above, don’t you ever think that the style is only meant for women? You might have thought about this when you were first introduced to the style. Though the bikini was introduced for women, this does not mean that men cannot have them. Moreover, with men’s panties creating a buzz in the apparel industry, bikinis are very much the supportive, seductive and sexy underwear style that men love to have in around their assets. With a pouch so supportive, the style is by no means feminine.

2. They’re only available in snug fit

This myth has been around for a while now mainly because bikinis are considered to be the sexier version of men’s brief underwear. While briefs provide a snug fit, people believe that bikinis too do the same. However, that’s not true. When you check out the collection of the respective style at Erogenos, you’d find that there are all kinds of pouches available. From enhancing pouch underwear to contouring, anatomical and so much more. Hence, myth busted.

3. They’re only available as swimwear

It was long back when bikini was only considered to be an ideal swimwear style. If you take a walk in the inventory, you’d find an individual collection of men’s swimwear with bikinis in them and men’s underwear with the same. The fabrics are different and so are the cuts, the myth of the style is only as a swimwear would only convert into a reality when you’d witness the differences yourself. Well, in order to look fashionable, the brands are working 24*7 to bring you something new and this is one of the advancements.

4. They’re very revealing

Yes, bikinis reveal. But not all of them. Keeping all the variants of the category in one place would be foolishness. While the string bikinis and Brazilian cuts reveal the most and so do the sheer underwear cuts, it is the cheeky underwear and conventional style that cover the essentials to the best. You have to choose which style is meant for you.

5. They’re occasion-respective

When it comes to a pool party, you might want to wear a bikini, but do you think of wearing the same regularly to your work? Do you wish to wear lacy fabric for your romantic evenings? Well, you might not think out of the box, but the style is meant to be your manhood’s companion for every possible occasion. Where it wherever you want to because the styles make you look good. With the myths busted, if you have any assumptions, do let us know in the comments below and we’ll have you enlightened.

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