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How to Celebrate Your Valentine's Day With Men's Erotic Underwear?

The day of romance that you celebrate today on 14th Feb as valentine’s day has a huge history behind it. Valentine’s day is also known as saint valentine’s day or...

The day of romance that you celebrate today on 14th Feb as valentine’s day has a huge history behind it. Valentine’s day is also known as saint valentine’s day or the feast of saint valentine. You must have heard this word, Valentine, several times but do you have any clue who was he and how this tradition of celebrating Valentine's day started.

According to our historians, there are several stories that revolve around the existence of valentine saint, for example, some stories say that he was a famous saint from Rome in the third century AD. Other stories say that emperor Claudius 2 banned marriages because he believed that one can't serve his country after getting married hence married men are bad soldiers.  

But valentine was against this law so he tried to break this law by arranging marriages in secret and somehow Claudius came to know about this so he decided to throw him in jail and sentenced to death. There he fell in love with jailer’s daughter so he sent her a love letter "signed from your valentine" on 14 Feb when he was taken to be killed and so on.

Whereas in countries like France and England, 14th Feb is the beginning of the bird’s mating season that symbolizes love, fertility and the promise of spring.  

Whatever is the history we don’t care. All we know that it’s a day of expressing love towards our loved ones, whether it's our friends, family members or that special one. Love has no definition and no barrier.

Valentine couple

So to make it more special we are back with a few romantic tips.

1. Start with a surprise planned for her

Either you can call her day before valentine’s or just send her a gift, nicely wrapped with a romantic quote into it, at her place on 14th Feb. You can gift her sexy red lingerie (if it's your 5 or 6th valentine with her but if it’s first, gift her a beautiful red dress just to make her comfortable) and don’t forget to keep a romantic note into it with an invitation card as well. Picking up by yourself is a great idea but sounds too mainstream so to make it more unique, book a luxury car which is filled with red and white roses or with the ones she loves, send some chocolates and a small gift as well. Trust me, girls love surprises.

2. Take her to some romantic place

14th Feb is a time when almost all restaurants, cafes are already booked so its better if you book a table in advance so that you and your lovely lady won't have to wait in a queue. But honestly speaking it’s a very mainstream trend which couples are following for ages. 

Valentine romantic date

If you want your date to sound a bit different, try something like celebrating at home. This way you can romantically turn things and will get the privacy as well. 

Both of you can cook together in your favorite lingerie. You can be in your sheer underwear and she can wear her red lace lingerie. Decide a common cuisine that you both love to share and prepare together. One can chop the vegetables and other people can start with basics till the time. You can bake a chocolate cake together if both of you are a sweet tooth. This will help you to ignite the romance and to add some fun in the cooking, play some music keep it soothing or romantic. Some jazz or violin tunes would do the magic. 

Once its done, switch off your mobile phones, television, and light up the candles and enjoy the moment which is created between both of you. To set the level of romance one step higher, do change your lingerie as it must have socked the sweat and have left you feeling unease down there. You can be in your men’s thongs or jockstraps but make sure its red.

men's erotic underwear

3. Add foreplay in your valentine’s to-do list

Write down your favorite role to play in a piece of paper without showing each other and dress up accordingly. If she likes to see your wild side you can dress up like a vampire and in that thongs will help you out. Cover your sexy abs, well-toned legs with a black jacket. It would be great if you follow the red and black dress code. You can wear sheer or mesh underwear in blood red. Trust me she would love to be your prey. I hope you are cleaned properly.

Apart from thongs, other styles of men’s lingerie which you can think of are men’s G-string, mini boxer, bikini, Sheer or mesh, Jockstrap and Silk underwear as they do come under erotic styles and are best for your date night due to their skinny construction. Red and black is the ultimate choice of colors.

To make your day special you don't have to buy expensive gifts, you just have to be smart. You can make it extraordinary with ordinary stuff. Got it.

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