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How to celebrate Columbus Day 2020?

Have you plan for the Columbus day, just check out the amazing ideas here. Read more about Columbus day:

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We all have the holiday season coming up but this around - it will definitely be different than the previous years. With the pandemic and its side-effects, people have been maintaining a safe distance from each other and making sure that the holidays are celebrated in a healthier way as possible.

 So, which is your favorite holiday?

Starting with Columbus Day - which is somewhat not a very special kind of holiday for people of America, the list of holidays is long. Well, Columbus Day is only a few days ahead of us and we should be preparing on how to spend the day. Whether it’ll be staying home with the family or hanging out with friends, this blog will talk about Columbus Day and everything related to it.

What’s Columbus Day all about?

Before we open the container of surprises for you, let us recollect what Columbus Day is about. Columbus Day is a U.S. holiday that celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492. It was informally celebrated in a couple of states and turned into a government holiday in 1937. This holiday is still accepted to be dubious in light of the fact that the European settlement in the Americas prompted the destruction of the set of experiences and culture of the indigenous people groups.

The holiday is seen in the conditions of the United States, a few pieces of Canada, Puerto Rico, and a couple of urban communities in Spain and Italy. In any case, in the event that you go further into the set of experiences, you'll see that Columbus was not the primary pioneer to go to the Western Hemisphere, his arrival at San Salvador or the Bahamas is the thing that makes it significant.

How to spend the holiday?

Make it best by shopping ahead for the holiday season
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Have a culinary challenge at home

With a lot of time on hand, and staying home with your family, you have a cook-off challenge. Name it ‘MasterChef home’ and see what you and other family members can cook within a given time limit. Make sure to have a judge that is partial only to be on your side. Cook the best that you can and is not time taking. Everyone will love the activity and it is a good way to have lip-smacking food as well as a great bonding time with your family.


Play games with your family

Well, when it comes to games, you could invest your time in either watching a game with your family or actually play one. Watching can get monotonous somehow but when it comes to playing, you have all the attention in place, the zest is high, the enthusiasm is super and it is great to play with your family - it brings happiness. You could choose to play games like Jenga, Chess or any another board game. On the other side, you could have a table tennis tournament or badminton face-off.


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