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Facts about Black Friday worth Knowing

Facts about Black Friday worth Knowing | Erogenos
You must have heard about the madness that surrounds Black Friday and everything about it. It gets crazier every year with more people adding to the ones that are in love with shopping. Marking the next day of Thanksgiving i.e., the fourth Friday of November is Black Friday. Do you know the holiday well enough? Let us take a look at a few facts in this blog so that you get to know Black Friday better.
1. Was referred to market crash: It was in the 1880s when Jay Gould and James Fisk were trying their hand at the gold market and the government stepped in. This resulted in the crash of the market leaving numerous people facing the loss of the same. Eventually, it was named to be the largest shopping extravaganza in 1951 when many workers took sick leave in order to enjoy the long weekend.
2.Difficulty in deciding which is the greatest shopping day: If you take a closer look, you’d find that the thin line between the Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is thinning eventually. It is getting difficult to understand which of the three days is the biggest success in terms of shopping. With stores offering Pre-Black Friday Sale, people shop a day before Black Friday to avoid a lot of commotion.
3. Black Friday has spread to over more than 10 countries in the world: If you agree to the tales, it is believed that in the initial years, store owners of Canada were scared to lose their customers. They were scared of the fact that the customers would go to the United States looking for better deals on Black Friday. As a result, Canadians start6ed their black Friday sales too and it spread like wildfire to many other countries as well. Some of them include the United Kingdom, India, France, Brazil, Norway and much more.
4. It isn’t the busiest shopping day: It was quoted in a survey that the “Super Saturday which is referred to the last Saturday before Christmas is the busiest day of the year. Probably people believe in shopping at the last minute rather than a month before the holiday. If you are to believe the stats, Black Friday 2014 was the busiest day according to a website.
5. Some deals are not to be believed: It is just like the situation where you wait for something the entire year and by the time it comes to us, it is good for nothing. In simple words, there are some deals offered by retail stores that are not extended to Black Friday. In fact, the price stays intact with the last discount and hence, nothing changes and the customer benefits nothing. Erogenos would also be a part of the Black Friday fever for all its men’s underwear fanatics. Stay tuned to get the latest updates on the discounts at

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