3 solid ways to raise your posterior confidence

The face of the men’s underwear has changed quite a lot in the last few decades and is still continuing to change. Well, all one can do is to move with the trends and follow what trends bring forth for the male anatomy. However, this blog is not dedicated to the manhood and everything about it. It is about the …

Be ready to prowl with Good Devil C-String

Good Devil C-String

Isn’t it amazing how the men’s underwear industry has come to a point where the wearers have multitudes of options like women have in their lingerie? Good Devil is one of the sexiest apparel brands and there’s no doubt about it. The collection offered at Erogenos is a clear indication of how much love the raunchy and adventurous products by …

Let your assets do the talking with Addicted Briefs

Addicted Briefs

When you have your below the belt fashion in mind and the need to add some zest in your love life, your men’s underwear plays an important role. Have you experienced the Addicted Underwear collection available at Erogenos? If not, you should right away. The Addicted Anaconda Brief is what brightens up your morning and peps up your night without …


Clever Underwear – Brand Spotlight

Clever Underwear for Men

Clever Underwear is a Colombian based men’s designer underwear with a Latin Twist. South American men like underwear that has the style, sexiness and flair that rest of their clothes do. This is why Columbia and other South American counties are home to some of the sexiest and most stylish underwear brands for men, like Clever Underwear. Clever Moda and …


Ergowear Underwear – Brand Spotlight

Ergowear Underwear Brand Spotlight

ERGOWEAR Underwear and Swimwear for men was created in 2002 in CHILE with the idea to design ergonomic undergarments for men. Ergonomics is about optimizing the relationship between people and the things we use to manage work and life. The idea of ergonomically designed underwear is not new, but many brands have failed historically to satisfy customers in terms of …


Underwear Survey Says?


We reached out to our customers with an underwear survey over the past few months to get some valuable feedback on our store, the men’s underwear market, and e-commerce internet shopping trends through our underwear survey. EROGENOS.COM has been an online retailer of underwear brands for over 16 years and we’ve worked with hundreds of international underwear brands over that …


Underwear Styles + Buying Tips

Underwear styles and buying tips

For most men, it’s one of our first decisions each morning. It’s the first thing we put on and the last thing we take off each night. Some of us just grab the first pair (hopefully clean) we can locate while others carefully select a style and color that compliments, coordinates, and meets the needs and aspirations of the day. …


PetitQ – Brand Spotlight

Petit Q Underwear - Brand Spotlight

PetitQ is becoming one of the trend setters for men’s underwear when it comes to skimpy and sexy. This is a French brand designed by Arthus & Nico. Who knows sexy more than the french? PetitQ is one of the most unique, fun, and edgy brands as you can tell by their “Smallest Men Underwear in the World” Makeover video: …


Mens See through Underwear

men's see through underwear

Mens see through underwear is such a good way to get extra attention and the ultimate sexy underwear for men. I will wear them if I’m going on a date with someone that I really like, or sometimes I will wear it for myself. But it’s hard to deny, everyone focuses harder on see through underwear, trying to catch  a …

Ergowear X3D Underwear Collection

Erogowear X3D Underwear Collection

Ergowear X3D Ergowear specializes in ‘ergonomic’ underwear and swimwear. The Ergowear X3D Underwear collection includes thongs, bikinis, mini boxers, briefs, and mid cuts. The Ergowear signature three dimensional pouch is common on all of them. The nose-shaped pouch has a lifting effect with a slight push up for added comfort and movement. All of the X3D products are made of …